Linton x Karen Millen

Bespoke producers of tweed for over 100 years, Linton Tweeds is a purveyor of exquisite fabrics, steeped in history. Supplying sophisticated tweeds to Paris couturiers, the Linton name became synonymous with heritage, luxury and excellence, each of its creations imbued with British provenance and true craftsmanship. Linton x Karen Millen is a showcase of these exquisite tweeds, crafted into unique designs that capture the spirit of both brands. Putting end-of-line artisanal fabric at the heart of the creation process, each limited-edition piece reimagines heritage tweed in a new way, through silhouette, colour and placement. Using off-cuts of existing fabrics to create unique patchwork compositions, these statement tweed jackets and tweed skirts are one-of-a-kind pieces, both beautiful and kinder to the planet. Made in extremely limited quantities, these designs are unlike anything else in your collection, made to be worn and cherished for years to come.

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Linton Tweeds Q&A

Can you tell us about the history of Linton?

Linton was set up back in 1912 by Mr William Leighton. He originally sourced wool around the Lake District and sold woollen lengths. He was introduced to all the major fashion houses in Paris and Linton tweeds became synonymous with good-quality fabrics and, after the success of the Parisian fashion houses, became very popular in the States.

Why do you think Linton Tweed has stood the test of time?

What makes Linton special is that we’re so creative. We’re always trying to push the envelope with what we can use in our fabric – the most innovative yarns, sequins, flag yarns… which makes it very difficult to work with, but that’s what separates us from other companies.

How important is sustainability to Linton Tweed?

Sustainability is very important for Linton tweeds. Our customers are asking for more and more sustainable fabrics so we’re trying to source as many eco-friendly, recyclable yarns as possible. It’s at the forefront of everything we’re doing at the moment.