New York

Hailing from the East Coast, Jeanne Grey’s creative repertoire includes, but isn’t limited to creative direction, brand consultancy, visual merchandising and styling. That’s as well as curating her blog Grey Layers, internationally recognised for its minimal aesthetic and forward-thinking fashion writing. A huge fan of monochrome and greyscale styling, Jeanne’s blog and social pages are a masterclass in maintaining immaculate style, amidst the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple.



My style is very minimal—I’d describe it as casual chic. I love to mix in a bit of masculinity—an oversized shirt with a mini skirt, for example. The white shirt is a total staple.

You can do so much with it and wear it all day long—from home to work and then out on a date.

I immigrated to New York as a child from the Philippines and grew up in the city. New York toughens you up—the pace and the stresses of being in such a built-up environment have certainly shaped me and made me more determined as a person. I studied Biology at University and I have a degree in healthcare, but I started taking pictures on the side then just fell in love with fashion and photography.


My favourite spots in the city are all about getting some perspective. Even though it’s super touristy, I often go to the Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Centre), bring up a coffee and a book and stare down at the city from 80 stories up.

I’m also huge fan of matcha and my favourite café is Chalait because they do the best Matcha Latte in the city. I go there pretty much every day - it’s all about finding those moments of calm when you live in the big city.


I actually think the white shirt is under-appreciated - all you have to do is switch up your makeup and hair, or dial it down and layer with a white T-shirt and you’ve created a completely different look. For me, a white shirt is often about casual-ising an outfit, but I like to do it with a twist. Try turning your shirt back-to-front to give a different feel—it’s not as tricky as you might think.