Camille Charriere is best known for her internationally recognised fashion and travel blog, Camille over the Rainbow, a thoughtfully curated insight into her authentic Parisian style. She has featured in VOGUE, ELLE and, to name but a few, as well as loading her CV with roles as a brand consultant and social media strategist. A true Parisian, Camille knows the best places to sip an espresso between styling appointments - and how to rock a white shirt while doing so.



I definitely have a Parisian attitude to the way I dress. I’m not scared of repeating outfits or being understated or underdressed. I truly believe a white shirt is your wardrobe saviour.

I remember once at Fashion Week, I really wanted to wear a super sexy skirt, but I also wanted to make it feel cool. A white shirt and sneakers saved the day.

I wasn’t actually born in Paris—so technically I’m not a true Parisian. But I grew up there and however much I travel, I still think that Paris is the most beautiful city in the world. My favourite neighborhood is The Marais. From hotspots like Café Charlot or Aux Deux Amis to concept stores and markets where you can pick up amazing fresh produce, there’s always something to inspire you from dusk ‘til dawn.


My favourite view of the city is from Pont Alexandre III, because it reminds me so much of being a teenager.

There’s a club under the bridge where I spent nearly every Saturday night when I was younger. The bridge is also your perfect introduction to the city—walking over the Seine with the Eiffel Tower in the backdrop always gets me.


My favourite piece from the White Shirt Project is the trumpet sleeve style. White shirts have become more ambitious in recent seasons, so I look for those special details - that’s how you know you’ve found an original piece that you’re going to be able to style in so many different ways.