Sunglasses size guide

Our sunglasses are all one size, check the individual product information for details on dimensions before you order to make sure you're happy with your item.

Care Guide

Sunglasses can be fragile and lenses can scratch easily. The following guidelines will help you to look after your sunglasses and keep them looking good for longer.

Clean your sunglasses with a soft cloth, preferably one that has been specifically developed for cleaning lenses.

Store your sunglasses in the case provided. Avoid putting your sunglasses face down on any surface as this may scratch the lenses.

On a hot day avoid leaving your sunglasses on your car's dashboard as the heat can damage the lenses and distort the frames.

Avoid wearing your sunglasses on the top of your head as this may also distort the frames.

All our sunglasses are covered by a guarantee against faulty manufacture. In the unlikely event of this happening they should be returned to the place of purchase.