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15 Minutes with Elizabeth Hurley

A formidable force of fashion, beauty and feminine glamour, Elizabeth Hurley cemented her icon status upon the rise of her career back in the ‘90s. Unapologetically sexy, confident and unafraid to be herself, her enviable natural beauty and easy sensuality is what makes her a true style siren. When it comes to Elizabeth’s signature style - forever faultlessly dressed, every piece is carefully chosen to frame her form – chosen with intention to enhance her femininity, a statement that boldly identifies her above the rest. Karen Millen spoke with the latest ICON behind the scenes to discover the secret to her timeless aesthetic, her favourite pieces from the edit and the power of being a female in today’s industry.

What made you want to work with Karen Millen?

I was excited to shoot this campaign because Karen Millen truly creates clothes that make women look good. Whether for work or parties, they fit well, are good quality and have a little sex appeal to them.

Elizabeth Hurley Karen Millen Blue Coat Blue Lace Dress
Textured Satin Lace Trim Woven Maxi Slip Dress Italian Virgin Wool Fitted Coat

How has your confidence evolved from the ‘90s to now?

In the ‘90s I felt very confident because I was young and at the beginning of my career, but I think now I really have so much experience and knowledge to pull on that I feel more comfortable in myself; I’ve learnt so much over the years that I try to put into practise.

Can you share the wear-forever pieces that we’ll always find in your wardrobe?

A huge staple in my wardrobe are cashmere jumpers. I get cold all of the time and I have them in every colour, and every year I love to get another one – I hand wash them and look after each one carefully so that it lasts.

I also adore leather jackets, you can put them over anything from a cocktail dress to jeans and feel great.

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As a woman, what do you think is your biggest superpower?

I think my biggest superpower is that I can do many things at the same time. I can multitask, as most women must, and I have to say I’m a master at it.

What’s your secret to always looking polished?

I don’t look polished everyday(!) When I’m home in the countryside I look pretty scruffy. However, I always brush my hair and moisturise my skin. In my opinion, as long as you’re feeling healthy and looking vital, I think that goes a long way.

Elizabeth Hurley in Karen Millen White Waistcoat and Trousers
Satin Single Breasted Waistcoat Satin Crepe Wide Leg High Waist Trousers

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

My grandmother told me to always keep my window open. She said that sleeping in a stuffy room gives you puffy eyes, so I always sleep that way.

I was also told to always moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. I moisturise my face, hands and body – throughout the day I use hand cream, it’s all over my house.

What are your three favourite looks from the edit?

• The oatmeal coat. I love a beige coat and I think this one is absolutely beautiful and you can wear it so often.

• The red corset blazer and trousers are dynamite – I love them, they come in a fabulous shade of red.

• Finally, of course it’s the Forever Dress. It fits like a glove and you can wear it time and time again.

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As a female entrepreneur, what’s your biggest inspiration?

I’m inspired by other women, normally those who have started companies from scratch. People like Oprah Winfrey who build massive empires – I have such admiration for them.

What does style mean to you?

Style to me means owning your look. Being comfortable, not copying anybody else, mixing old with new and just being authentic. Nothing looks worse than somebody who has bought a whole ‘look’ but it’s not really them. Find a way to make it yours, whether it’s with accessories – a different belt or an old pair of shoes, just something to make it more you.

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