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The Benefits of Renting Clothes

The Benefits of Renting Clothes

The process of renting clothes has become increasingly popular and is regarded by many as the future of fashion, with more and more brands, from designer to Highstreet, committing to supporting a circular economy. As part of the journey towards environmental consciousness, Karen Millen has launched a new clothing rental service, Karen Millen Rotates. This showcases a curation of signature styles available to rent for a period of four to fourteen days. Read on to learn more about the benefits of renting clothes, and why Karen Millen has prioritised this project.

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From a sustainable perspective, it’s best to only buy clothes that you think you’ll wear repeatedly, so renting an outfit is a great option when it comes to occasions such as weddings, birthday parties or black-tie events. By choosing to rent an outfit, this means you can wear a truly showstopping piece, without worrying about the guilt of never picking it up again. For instance, a floor-sweeping embellished gown may be the perfect choice for a formal event you’ve got coming up, but it’s not necessarily a versatile wardrobe staple.

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As well as being kinder to the planet, clothing rental services are also cost-effective as they combat the urge to purchase on a whim and allow shoppers to experiment with a new style without the risk. Rental services are especially beneficial when the festive season rolls around, giving longevity to statement sequinned pieces by allowing them to be worn for countless occasions by multiple people. Alternatively, a sequin dress could be bought for a once-only event and spend the rest of the year at the back of the wardrobe or ending up in landfill.

Finally, joining the rental revolution allows you to save space in your wardrobe, leaving more room for staple pieces that can go the distance, such as investment cashmere pieces and a classic little black dress. By choosing to rent instead of buy an outfit for a formal event, you are actively choosing a more sustainable path without missing out on new and noteworthy styles.