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Where to Watch Wimbledon in London

The sprouting of early orchids, warmer climes and an altogether sunnier disposition across the Capital can only mean one thing: tennis season is almost upon us. And there is no greater draw for both firm lovers of the sport and those who simply like to soak up the atmosphere than Wimbledon. The lawn club itself becomes a who’s who of society’s most well-heeled for the length of the tournament, though the yearly ballot means that not all those who apply are able to attend. Do not fear though, for if you have been unsuccessful in your pursuit of a ticket or just prefer to dip in and out at your own whim, Wimbledon tennis screenings are scattered across the city. So if you’re wondering where to watch Wimbledon in London, we’ve rounded up a clutch of the best places to watch the matches live, from giant open air screens along a canal to indoor viewing opportunities at some of the city’s chicest cocktail clubs. Each promises balmy afternoons complete with big screens and jugs of Pimm’s, sans the queues, the crowds or the price.

Granary Square, King’s Cross

Everyman Cinema’s famed ‘Screen on the Canal’ returns to its perch on the edge of the waterway that runs through the middle of sophisticated Granary Square and Coal Drops Yard and offers shoppers, diners and passers-by a relaxed spot from which to soak up all manner of entertainment across the summer. As the clement summer evenings stretch out, visitors can spread out across bean bags, oversized cushions and deck chairs to watch classic films, before that though, the familiar well-trodden courts of Wimbledon dominate. Food, and drink can be purchased from the Everyman bar which sits beside the screen, or from one of the many bars and restaurants that pepper the area.

Granary Square London
Granary Square

Canada Square Park, Canary Wharf

And if you’re on the hunt for more places to watch Wimbledon on the big screen, look no further than Canada Square Park, one of the most-loved fixtures of the tennis season. Matches are broadcast to the cluster of office workers and sophisticated locals who spread out across picnic blankets, chairs and, slightly farther back, the seating belonging to the bordering bars and restaurants. And if the atmosphere has you feeling in rather a competitive mood, the table tennis tables peppered around the space encourage sportsmanship off screen too.

Brown Hart Gardens, Mayfair

Brown Hart Gardens in Mayfair is a captivating public garden spanning 10,000 square feet, nestled atop an electricity substation. This charming oasis provides an excellent vantage point to watch Wimbledon live, conveniently located just a stone's throw away from Oxford Street meaning that combining shopping with catching a match or two, or just popping along during your lunch break, is as easy as ‘game, set and match’. Daily screenings of the tournament will be available, accompanied by a plethora of upmarket food options.

Stanley’s, Chelsea

If you didn’t know it was there, you might walk past the entrance to Stanley’s, a restaurant du jour just off the King’s Road. Those in the know though will be slipping down the stone steps behind the flower stand on Sydney Street to clink glasses in the chic London courtyard: all olive trees, tinkling fountains, a reclaimed timber bar and flower-festooned parasols, and, for tennis season only, large screens both inside and out. In fact, Wimbledon tennis screenings don’t get much more high-end, and to top it off the restaurant will also be bringing back their Courtyard Bramble which is a summery take on the much loved Pimm’s with Blackberries, Lemon, Gin, Ginger Beer and British crème de cassis.

Stanleys Chelsea
Stanley's Restaurant Chelsea

Covent Garden Piazza, West End

Covent Garden’s lively Piazza is a vibrant place on a normal day, though during the Wimbledon weeks the atmosphere ramps up a notch as people gather to catch a match on the East Piazza, fueled by a pop-up Pimm bar. You might need to hover in order to snag a deck chair, though we find standing in the sunshine, a refreshing drink in hand, a prime spot from which to soak up both the sport and the style on offer. Once the rackets are down, the smorgasbord of bars, restaurants and eateries that pepper the cobbled square are the perfect place for a debrief.

Covent Garden London Wimbledon Screen
Covent Garden