Samantha Guerrero x Karen Millen | The Debut Edit

Known for her minimalistic-yet-polished style, Samantha Guerrero is a trail blazer for everyday on and off duty dressing. In her first curated edit with Karen Millen she champions elevated simplicity, matching statement pieces with more pared back designs as considered combinations.

‘I wanted to put together pieces that would make women feel beautiful and powerful. Pieces that they would be able to wear anywhere and feel like they are conquering the world in. For me, it’s always been about finding styles that will not only make me feel beautiful but will also stand the test of time. Whether it’s perfectly tailored blazers or flowy dresses, I hope this edit is a reflection of everything I stand for.’

Samantha Guerrero

Why did you decide to collaborate with Karen Millen?

One of Karen Millen’s vows is to create pieces that ‘you’ll wear and love for years to come’ and it is this statement that I feel resonates so well with my approach to fashion. Despite what anyone may think, I think it is so important for women to pick clothing that they feel beautiful in and that will be in your wardrobe for years. The moment I saw Karen Millen, I saw timeless pieces, feminine pieces, powerful pieces. Pieces I knew would last in my wardrobe.

Who is your biggest style influence?

I don’t think I can pick one, I think I am constantly being inspired by all types of styles. I don’t think women should ever have to pick one style, one life, or one approach, and so when I see something I love, I go for it. With that, I think my biggest style influences would be women and all the amazing and unique things they bring to the table.

You’re known for your minimalistic-yet-polished aesthetic, how have you perfected this?

I think I’ve perfected it by staying true to myself and always choosing the items that make me feel beautiful and powerful. Understanding that sometimes it may not be everyone’s cup of tea - and that’s okay. Classic and timeless pieces have always been at the heart of my wardrobe and so keeping with this has allowed me to build a wardrobe in which every single piece feels like a reflection of who I am.

Describe the mood of the edit in three words

Only three words... okay. Powerful, feminine, and timeless.

How do you evolve your style through the seasons?

When it comes to the evolution of my style throughout the seasons it’s all about pieces that will transition seamlessly from season to season. Classic pieces are key. But when it comes to the transition to spring/summer, colour and movement are two things that really dictate this shift. Colour is the first aspect of my wardrobe that really begins to evolve. I go from dark muted tones to bright and warm colours. I think this is something that is really reflected in these pieces. Next is movement. Movement for me comes down to how a certain piece looks and feels. Although I could never move away from my tailored pieces, as the weather warms up I love introducing silhouettes that are flowy and airy. Nothing beats a flowy dress on a hot summer day.

How are you planning on wearing these pieces through spring and summer?

When I choose pieces, I want to be able to wear them regardless of what I’m doing. So, I will be grabbing my white sneakers or sandals and strolling the streets of Toronto with all these gorgeous pieces.

Tell us about your favourite pieces from the collection and why.

The first is (I know, we all know) the beautiful longline check blazer. Nothing makes me feel more powerful than a beautiful and well-fitting blazer and this one not only has a timeless design but it also shows hints of yellow which is a colour that has made my life feel so vibrant recently. Aside from the blazer, I would say the Batik Border Floral Woven Maxi Dress. This dress is everything for me. The warm and vibrant colours of this dress made me feel so beautiful and confident. Two things that I always aim to feel in the items that I wear.

Samantha Guerrero's Favourite Pieces

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