Lois Sterling

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My Five Fashion Fundamentals | Lois Sterling

With age I have found my style, what I love to wear, what suits me and what makes me feel my best. I would best describe my style as classic and wearable. I am drawn to classic pieces which will live a long time in my wardrobe, and I choose to invest in timeless styles, materials, and colours. This does mean that I tend to spend a little more money on investment pieces which will work harder in my wardrobe all year around, which I can mix and match with existing clothing.

My three fashion rules are to wear clothing which are comfortable, versatile, and fits me well. I often size up in my clothing, I find that this creates a more effortless silhouette, which makes each item of clothing look more expensive and if you’re anything like me where your weight can fluctuate; this allows you to have longevity within your wardrobe.

Everyday Waistcoat

waistcoat and shorts outfit

Waistcoats are a great way to elevate your summer looks. They are very versatile and present a flattering cut. My favourite way to wear a waistcoat is with a skirt, shorts or denim. For those days where you need to or would like to look smarter, a waistcoat is perfect to style with two either smart or casual items. I recommend sizing up in your waistcoats to also wear over T shirts, shirts or knitwear.


Versatile Midi Skirt

Midi skirt and t-shirt outfit

A piece which will never date, I love that every year there seems to be a slightly different iteration of a midi skirt which is ‘in’. There are so many ways I love to style a midi skirt, in summer with a tee or shirt and minimal sandals creates such an effortless look. The midi skirt I have chosen has a split at the front which not only makes the skirt more comfortable, it also adds an interesting touch to a simple outfit. I create my outfits around my midi skirt being the main item. They are great to wear if you need to wear something more formal to work, for a day out shopping and even to a wedding with a pair of heels and a dressy top.


Clean White Shirt

White shirt and shorts outfit

If you do not already own one, this is your sign to get a white shirt in your wardrobe! This is an all year around wardrobe staple for me. A crisp white shirt is probably the most timeless item you could include within your wardrobe. This is an item which is worth investing in, so that it washes well and keeps its longevity. I used to think that a white shirt was for office wear, but nowadays the white shirt is so far from that, I really do think of it as a casual garment now. Many years ago, I went through a phase where I couldn’t keep a white shirt free from makeup marks, my top tip with this would be to spray your collar with hair spray, this completely stops the transfer of makeup, doesn’t change the appearance or texture of your shirt and actually works!


Short Mini Skirt

T-shirt and mini skirt summer outfit

For me, mini skirts are always in! I love how put together it can make any outfit look. I tend to wear mine in more of a casual way. It is a go to piece for me and can be paired with nearly anything; it’s become my ‘fail safe’ wardrobe item for when I need to quickly put something on or have no idea what to wear. The great thing about a mini skirt is that anyone can wear them. What is important to remember about a mini skirt is that the mini length on me, being 5ft 2, may fit differently on someone who is shorter or taller than my height. Don’t focus too much on the term ‘mini skirt’ but more on the length of the skirt and how it fits on you.


Elevated Black Dress

Long black dress and sunhat summer outfit

We all need at least one black dress in our wardrobe, whether it’s a ‘Little black dress’ or a midi or maxi style there will always be occasions for a black dress. I chose an elevated black dress with a little more detail rather than something super simple. I added a hat for a dressier look, which would be perfect for a special occasion, but I would also wear it with trainers, simple sandals and a basket bag for a relaxed lunch. This season black dresses are all the rage, I absolutely love an all-black summer dress outfit, it looks super chic and intentional.