Five Minutes with Helena Christensen

An icon through and through, model, photographer and activist Helena Christensen speaks with Karen Millen, sharing her favourite memories from the Nineties, what style really means to her, as well as the pieces from the collection she’s coveting.

What is the key to self-confidence?

The key to self-confidence, I think, is mostly about not caring too much what anyone else thinks of you. Despite this you should absolutely be kind, be fair, be honest and believe in yourself.

What does the Nineties mean to you?

I started working in the fashion business in the Nineties which was an intense and amazing experience – there was a lot of big hair, fake eyelashes and super cool music. It was just a really great time of most people’s lives.

Share the best piece of advice you’ve been given.

I’m still waiting on the best piece of advice, but, if I was going to give myself a good piece of advice it would be to get enough sleep, to drink way more water, but also something that I absolutely live by – try and be in the moment, no matter what, every single day.

Describe the mood of this edit in three words?

Confident, dynamic and timeless.

You’re also a photographer, what is it you love about being on both sides of the lens?

As a photographer I’m still amazed at the fact that we can freeze moments in life and keep them forever, it’s really as simple – or as complicated - as that. It just blows my mind how that is possible, it’s probably the reason that I take a ton of photos every day.

How would you define style?

Style is so personal, and in a big way an extension of yourself and your personality. It’s a way for people to express a part of themselves through colour, shape and fabrics - showing who you are without speaking. I’m a huge fan of colour, fabric and patterns – I wear a lot of mixed pieces – it’s an extension of my personality.

What are your three favourite pieces from this edit?

I really like the white oversized blazer, you can wear it over anything, and it’s a cool option to use during the spring or autumn. I love the Forever Dress, it fits really well and accentuates your shape, the female body is beautiful - it’s also very timeless, so maybe that’s why it’s called the Forever Dress! The corset dress is a fun little number that looks great with either flat sandals or high heels, you can also put the oversized blazer over it. And red lips – always red lips for something like that.

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