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What to Wear to Graduation

With graduation season once again upon us, and with that, a celebratory sentiment to match, curating the perfect outfit to mark the occasion is exceptionally important. As well as this, the day is often long, with lots of walking, so comfort and style must go hand in hand. Whilst the main fashion event is naturally the cap and gown, embrace your individuality through an elevated outfit that will last past the day itself. Whether you’re attending the event as the graduate, a supportive parent or guest, discover the best graduation outfits to compliment the joviality of the day.

How to Choose the Perfect Graduation Dress

Our top tips for choosing a graduation dress are:

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    Opt for a colour and style that not only fills you with confidence, but is comfortable. Graduations are long days, so you need to be comfortable standing, sitting, and walking for long periods of time.

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    Steer clear of any large, three dimensional features, such as feathers and large corsage accents. Remember your graduation gown has to go over your outfit, so ensure a smooth silhouette by opting for a more simple dress design.

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    Low cut tops and ultra short skirts are not ideal. You will be getting lots of photographs snapped, as well as walking in front of lots of people, so if showing some skin, ensure you remain covered enough to be comfortable

Classic White Graduation Dress

Clean, crisp whites forever embody timeless elegance. Whilst it’s a stellar trend piece this season in particular, white is known to add an element of fresh luxury – especially during the summer. The use of accessories or detail on the design can enhance the beauty of the colour and create contrast, whether opting for shimmering metallic shoes and jewellery, or a bold, bright pair of heels to peek out under your gown. Whether your preference is a more structured or fluid offering, consider the rich beauty of white.

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Vibrant Red Graduation Dresses

Rather the stark contrast to white, red grad dresses are certain to wow the crowds, whether the skirt hangs below your gown as you strut across the stage, or it peeks out during a photograph session to show a fierce, fiery shade beneath. Easy to style with matching red accessories, or contrasting metallics that catch the light, our red graduation dresses are designed to fill the wearer with confidence and elevate an occasion look.

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Bright colours

Beautifully bold, a bright coloured dress is bound to stand out against the dark shade of your graduation gown. Be it a colour-pop design in a dopamine-inducing shade, a touch of print that flirts with the idea of using colour, or a pastel design that embraces sophistication, opt for something playful-yet-elegant as your graduation outfit of choice.

Black Graduation Dress Ideas

If classics are your preferred style, but white is not your usual choice, opt for timeless class with a black graduation dress. From sleek, form-fitting designs, to easy to wear, flowing fits that catch the breeze, black graduation dresses are a failsafe choice, and are easily re-wearable for after the ceremony. Guaranteed to look great no matter the colour of your gown, and ultra easy to style with matching black, metallic, or bold coloured accessories and shoes, a black grad dress is ideal for elevating your occasionwear wardrobe.

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Jumpsuits for Graduation

A true one-piece wonder, a jumpsuit offers itself as the perfect alternative to a dress, marrying both tailoring and feminine allure as a refined combination. With the voluminous structure of a graduation gown, choose a more fitted design to contrast its style. As a formal event, embrace a touch of the androgynous with a tuxedo style piece, or subtle decadence through a ruffle detail. With many styles inclusive of a belt, cinching at the waist, a cigarette trouser also lengthens the leg, especially when worn with heels.

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Graduation Outfits for Mothers

If you are in attendance of a family member’s graduation, it’s important to dress the part. For this, understand the dress code and regulations of the event – again, formality is key. Whilst there are no exact rules, prefer something that keeps comfort in mind, whilst still enhancing the form in high style.

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Shoes for Graduation

In keeping with the mood of the day, ensure that your footwear best compliments the overall look. Naturally, consider comfort at the forefront – and if more reluctant to wear a stiletto heeled shoe you can try a block heel or a wedge as an alternative. A classic shoe such as a court has timeless beauty, and whilst a platform sandal has a ‘70s influence, it’s still a modernistic choice.

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