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How to Find Your Personal Style

Personal style provides a creative form of self-expression. However, as the world of fashion constantly evolves, it can become somewhat of a challenge to pinpoint a particular signature style. If on a journey towards finding a style that works timelessly, it’s important to think beyond shifting trends and focus on iconic, classic looks. The best way to curate a strong style identity is to experiment with different outfits and take note of which styles may work. Read the guide on different style aesthetics to garner inspiration.

The Minimalist

Defined by streamlined silhouettes and elevated basics, the key to a minimalist fashion style is simplicity. A champion of tonal dressing who leans towards timeless, capsule pieces is best suited to a more minimalist style. This polished and pared-back aesthetic can be achieved by investing in interchangeable pieces that can be styled multiple ways, such as woven shirts, transitional blazers, midi dresses, tailored trousers, and a classic long coat. These key pieces make up an enviable capsule wardrobe that will transcend trends for decades to come.

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The Romantic

The romantic style personality is often drawn to whimsical designs, including flowing pieces adorned with ruffles, ruching and cascading fabrics. The romantic style celebrates garments that naturally enhance the silhouette without feeling restricted, so a maxi dress which comes in at the waist is a favoured option. Another characteristic of this signature style is the use of floral prints and sultry blush hues, however a bold red piece would also suit this.

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The Leading Lady

If seeking to make an impact in standout, glamorous pieces, you are best suited to a dramatic, maximalist style. Characterised by high-octane hues and bold designs, the maximalist style archetype encourages unconventional fashion moments and total creative freedom. This style favours unique prints, bold colour combinations, interesting textures and fashion-forward cuts. However, a maximalist’s wardrobe doesn’t have to consist solely of extravagant, statement pieces, it is just as effective to balance a neutral colour palette with a singular standout piece and accessories.

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The Countryside Charm

If enamoured with the majesty of the countryside, allow style to reflect this. A dignified and classic aesthetic can be achieved using a considered combination of premium fabrics, traditional tailoring, and elevated outerwear. Heritage tweed pieces have a strong legacy and timeless appeal, making them particularly suited to a classic country style. A tailored white shirt is another sartorial staple which can be easily dressed down or elevated with different styling techniques.

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The City Lifestyle

Metropolitan sophistication has become increasingly popular in the fashion industry, and can be achieved by incorporating clean-cut lines, powerful tailoring and contemporary designs into your wardrobe. This directional aesthetic has endless appeal and champions experimental yet polished looks. Lean towards oversized silhouettes as they provide versatility and exude an enviable nonchalant mood. A suit co-ord is the ultimate investment for this style personality, moving from work to weekend with ease. A trench coat is also a fundamental piece for the contemporary wardrobe, choose a neutral colour that can be layered over any ensemble, or make a powerful statement with a colour-pop coat.

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