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What to Wear to Ascot 2024

With Royal Ascot just around the corner, here at Karen Millen we have curated a selection of pieces that can be worn from paddock to champagne bar, no matter the enclosure you’re seated in. From formal dresses ideal for the Royal Enclosure, to laid back pieces perfect for the Windsor Enclosure, whether you’re heading to the event itself or looking for inspiration for future race gatherings, look no further for dresses for Ascot.

The Royal Ascot dress code is thorough and changes depending on the enclosure you are in, with a considerable difference in formality. Read on for more information about each enclosure, and what is expected from guests’ Ascot dresses over the weekend.

Royal Ascot Dresses: Windsor Enclosure

The Windsor enclosure is the most casual, with smart daywear encouraged. A hat, headpiece, or fascinator would be suggested. This enclosure’s dress code allows for the more comfortable, relaxed approach. Expect summer dresses, laid back fits, and more informal pieces.

If sunshine is forecast, opt for lightweight, breathable fabrics like linen, and fun, summery prints. Ideal for sipping champagne in the warm weather.

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Ascot Dresses: Village Enclosure and Queen Anne Enclosure

The Village Enclosure is the next enclosure, with a slightly more formal dress code. The Queen Anne Enclosure also has the same dress code for women, so ensure to check with any men in your group that their dress code has been thoroughly checked over depending on your ticket.

A dress or top and skirt is permitted, with shoulder or halter neck straps allowed. There is no minimum length of skirt, and no minimum width of shoulder strap.

If opting for a suit, the pieces should be matching in material and colour.

Jumpsuits should fall below the knee, and have the same strap requirements as above.

Hats, headpieces, or fascinators are required, so prepare to elevate your accessories.

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Royal Ascot Dresses: Windsor Enclosure

Finally, the Windsor Enclosure. The most prestigious, and therefore most formal of the enclosures.

Unlike the other sections, there is a minimum dress length, and strap width, as well as more strict rules about accessories and styling.

Dresses or skirts must fall just above the knee or longer, with lace and chiffon fabrics permitted despite their slightly sheer design. Dresses or a top can be layered with a jacket or pashmina, but the straps beneath must comply with the minimum width rules of 1 inch or 2.5 centimeters.

If a suit is more your style, this is still an option if all the pieces are of the same fabric and colour.

Jumpsuits are also still permitted, as long as they fall below the knee and comply with the strap requirements.

In terms of headwear, this is where this enclosure is truly set apart from the rest. Hats must be worn in some way. Whether a traditional hat, or a headpiece or hatinator with a base diameter of 4 inches or 10 centimetres, headwear is incredibly important for elevating your Ascot dress and claiming your spot in the Windsor Enclosure.

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