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How to Find the Best Trousers to Suit Your Shape

The female form comes in all shapes and sizes, this is something to be celebrated with undeniable confidence. When curating an outfit with the body’s natural outline in mind, the cut, fit and proportion of a garment should be considered. This allows every look to feel considered and elevated, while adding an effortlessly sophisticated touch.

From low-slung, relaxed styles to sleek and refined designs, trousers come in a myriad of iterations. Finding the perfect fit can also be frustratingly difficult, nevertheless they remain a key foundation piece to many outfits. If in need of inspiration, use this guide as a starting point to curate a capsule wardrobe that effortlessly flatters the form.

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What Body Shape Am I?

Pear shape – The traditional pear shape is formed with a slimmer upper body and is fuller at the bottom.

Hourglass – The hourglass shape represents a slimmer, well-defined waist, whilst hips and upper body are equally proportioned.

Apple – More of an overall balanced form, the apple body shape is well-rounded and can be slightly more top heavy.

Rectangle – Characterised with a straight silhouette, a rectangular build features shoulders, chest and hips mostly equal in measurements.

Pear Shape

A pear body shape is defined by having a larger hip area than upper body, and bootcut trousers tend to flatter this ratio well. Straight-leg cuts are also suited to pear-shaped figures as they create an elegant, balanced look without altering the natural outline of the body, making them a great workwear or formal event option. High-waisted styles are especially complimentary as they create the illusion of longer legs, resulting in an elongated silhouette.

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Hourglass Shape

The hourglass shape is characterised by having equal bust and hip measurements with a narrower waistline. A flared trouser helps to accentuate the natural curve of an hourglass figure, this can be styled with countless separates, try a scoop neck top and cropped blazer for a smart-casual look.

Cropped trousers can also prove to be a sleek and sophisticated fit for hourglass silhouettes. If opting for this style, the trouser hem should graze the narrowest point of the ankle for the most flattering effect. High-waisted trousers also create a complimentary effect, as this style enhances the existing shape. Loose-fitting clothing can sometimes overwhelm the frame, if wearing an oversized top try to balance this out with tighter fitting bottoms, and vice versa.

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Apple Shape

For apple-shaped figures, wide-leg designs offer a multitude of style potential. A wide-leg trouser provides effortless flair while also elongating the silhouette and balancing the midsection. Sculptural fabrics that hold the intended shape well, such as Compact Stretch, provide immediate poise to any look, making them a great option for office environments. In warmer seasons, a lightweight pair of wide-leg linen trousers will prove to be a versatile wardrobe staple. To create a cinched waist effect, try styling these trousers with a tight-fitting top. High-waisted designs are also well-suited to apple-shaped silhouettes as these add a sculpted effect.

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Rectangle Shape

Rectangular shaped figures are characterised as having equally balanced proportions, meaning those with this body type most likely buy the same size in tops and trousers. For this body shape, low or mid-waisted trousers help to highlight the waist in the best way, while voluminous styles such as cargo trousers offer a fashion-forward aesthetic and an effortlessly sophisticated effect. If wanting to create a more sculpted silhouette, style slim-leg trousers with a belt and pair with a figure-skimming top.

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