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How to Find the Best Coat for Your Shape

The right coat can elevate a look or transform an otherwise bland outfit into one worthy of applause, plus there’s nothing like flicking your coat tails out behind you and making the rain-peppered pavements your personal catwalk. It’s a practical purchase, so it justifies a more generous outlay, and outerwear trends tend to stick around year-after-year, making it one of the most sustainable pieces in your winter wardrobe. Shopping for your shape can make a significant difference, not only does a well-fitted coat give off a higher-end, tailored vibe, it also ramps up the comfort level and means you’re less likely to be caught constantly readjusting or having to re-buy.

From the timeless trench to cosy wrap numbers and shearling bikers, these are our best coat recommendations based on body shape. Of course, it’s worth caveating that fashion transcends body shape, and so if you’re drawn to something, snap it up regardless of our style advice. For now though, ill-fitting outerwear, c’est la vie.


The rectangular woman is blessed with the joy of options when it comes to outerwear as any coat, tailored around the waist, will hit the sartorial remit. This cinched-in look can be easily achieved with a belted piece - a trench or a wrap style works best - or a cropped jacket to layer on top of longer dresses to create a flattering layered effect. Or, throw caution to the wind and forgo a traditional waist-focused fit and opt for any coat that sits with structure while left open. Taller shoppers might also want to opt for more voluminous shapes, like oversized cocoon coats, or a swing coat for a loose, feminine feel.

Upper Curves

Traditionally, larger bust sizes haven’t always been well-catered for, but times, they are a’changing, and our Coat Studio is full of styles that will give you enough room to feel comfortable and covered without swamping the rest of your body and creating an overly-boxy look. Of course, an open-fronted coat will ensure there are no restrictions, though if you’re looking for something that will give you extra warmth for those bracing winter walks to the office or crisp staycation saunters, then a draped or cascading style with wide lapels is an effortlessly flattering option.


The exciting thing about shopping for an apple-shaped figure is that you can get pretty versatile with design. If comfort reigns supreme for you, opt for a roomier style that skims your thighs, elongating your legs and drawing the eye down through the ensemble. If structure feels more your raison d'être, then a tailored a-line coat - yes, it’s that trusty trench again - will do wonders in carving out a waist and balancing out the bust and hips.

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Plus Size

When shopping for outerwear in plus sizes, eye-catching detail like oversized collars or cuff framing help to break up larger swathes of fabric, as well as drawing the eye outwards. Playing with patterns and textures is also a flattering way to break-up a more monochrome outfit or differentiate between looks more effectively. A belted coat offers a flattering, cinched-in waist, and the option of a faux fur piece is an easy way to mix up the classic belted-trench style. Tailored jackets can help build structure into a look, while coats that flare at the waist or lower hem are an ideal shape for those whose hips run slightly larger.


A foolproof formula for coats that suit pear-shaped figures is to opt for styles that accentuate the shoulders and waist while lengthening the legs. When it comes to length, longer pieces tend to be more flattering, particularly those that fall around the knee, and help give a balanced feel to a look. You can go big on the lapels or hone in on quirky collars and cascading tailoring. Or, if out-there neckline detailing isn’t your thing, a double-breasted coat can also help define your waist and add an extra dimension to the upper body. Think: elegant trenches or a long, belted duffle coat.


For those created in the image of Marilyn Monroe, a structured coat that gently skims curves is ideal. Boxier designs, chic as they are, can hide your natural shape, either hanging too loosely over a cinched-in waist or sitting too tightly over the bust and thighs, while shorter pieces can create a widening illusion.

A trusty belted coat- either a classic trench or a cosy wrap number - is a failsafe option here, not only ensuring you’re wrapped up warm, supported and immune to any sudden gusts of wind, it will also work wonders in defining your waist and leave the lower material to sit more naturally over your legs.


If you’re under 5ft4, you might have previously found that you feel swamped by heavier designs or longer styles. Finding a coat that sports the right amount of fabric so as not to feel overly bulky or oversized is key here. The good news is that shorter shoppers are the perfect candidates for uber on-trend cropped styles - which work hard as transitional pieces, both seasonally and per occasion.

There’s no need to rule out lengthier pieces altogether though, because well-tailored duster coats can create an entirely flattering silhouette as long as they are of the slimmer cut variety. The clean, long line creates the illusion of height, while opting for a belted number helps to lengthen the look and elongate legs.

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