Maria Loizou

Guest Editor



The KM Premium Fabric Glossary

At Karen Millen, craftsmanship, quality and longevity are at the heart of our product. Our designs are crafted to last, with many of our coats spun from ultra-premium, elevated fabrics. With a range of luxe materials in our repertoire, we wanted to share a further insight into the detail of some of our most regularly used textiles, to aid you to know more about your next staple purchase.


A signature favourite, leather is mostly used in jackets, dresses and trousers. Whether real or faux, it can have a smooth or course finishes, and dyed in a number of hues. Its supple, durable texture makes it a favourite for every season.

Virgin Wool

Virgin wool or 'new wool' is a gentle and comfortable fabric, most often used in autumn and winter styles. Despite its softer texture, it's still guaranteed to be strong, durable and crease resistant - particularly perfect for coats.


Crafted from the soft undercoat wool of the cashmere goat, this premium quality fabric is the epitome of luxury. A timeless knitted jumper can be worn and love for seasons to come, or a knit dress from daytime to evening.


A coat crafted from ‘Double’ is two materials woven together to produce a compound, compact woven fabric. It has numerous advantages when compared to a single fabric including excellent insulation and warmth, enhanced crease resistance, as well as being comfortable and durable.

Pony Skin

Faux pony skin provides all the benefits and appearance of a natural product, a luxury fabric that is ultra-gentle to the touch thanks to its cotton ground and a viscose pile.

When it comes to quality and longevity, you can count on pony skin to fully demonstrate all the merits of wool, cotton and viscose as well as providing excellent insulation. Perfect as a decadent winter coat, wear it to elevated occasions – from cocktail parties to theatre trips.


Titled from its namesake, the zibeline animal of Siberia, Zibeline is crafted from a satin weed fabric, made from the wool of cross-bred worsted yarns. Then brushed, it’s further steamed and pressed to create the finished product. Sleek and shiny, it can also be known as zibaline.