If I Ruled the World...

From no-technology days to free shoes for everyone, we sat down with transgender model, TV host, author and LGBT+ activist Pari Roehi to see how she’d change the world if she were in charge.

With important conversation around diversity and representation in the media and creative industries gaining momentum, Iranian-born, LA-based model Pari Roehi is perfectly placed to expedite the discussion.

Aged 7, with the support of her parents, she began her transition from male to female, before undergoing gender reassignment surgery at the age of 19. Feeling like she never quite ‘fit in’ as a boy, she thanks her Mum and Dad for their acceptance and empathy, and for encouraging her to live her life authentically.

In 2015 Pari became the first transgender model to compete on Germany’s Next Top Model, bravely coming out in front of millions of people and utilising the platform to speak out on LGBT+ issues. She is still an ardent activist for the cause, using her prominence to raise awareness of a topic that remains close to her heart.

We spent the day with her to discover exactly how the world would look if she were in charge.

No. 1

No-technology Days

“I’d love to implement one day a week with no technology. No laptops, no phones, no iPads. At my parents’ house we all put our phones in a basket before dinner and talk to each other without distractions.”

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No. 2

Free DAYCARE for Children

“I see so many parents struggling with finding daycare for their children, and covering the cost, so I’d like them to be given help with that.”

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Womens Sequin Print Midi Dress Karen Millen

No. 3

MORE LGBT+ People on TV

“It’s great the gay community is represented so well on TV, but I’d like to see more trans women and women of colour on screen who host, act and sing.”

No. 4

FREE Healthcare for EVERYONE

“The LGBT+ community would really benefit because of the need for hormone therapy and money for surgery.”

No. 5

EQUAL PAY for all Genders

“Men, women and all genders in-between should earn the same pay in the same functions. It’s not ok that it’s 2018 and men earn more than women for performing the same tasks.”

No. 6

FREE Shoes for Everyone

“For Christmas. For Easter. For Thanksgiving. For Hanukkah. We deserve shoes!”

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