A day with Freddie Harrel

With her big hair, megawatt grin and unique style, blogger, confidence consultant and all-round champion of women Freddie Harrel is instantly recognisable. As is her rich, flowing French lilt (she was born in the capital of all things cool, Paris) and joyful approach to dressing.

A whirlwind of confidence and positivity at first meet, she admits she wasn’t always this way. Battling from a young age with the pressure to be the kind of beautiful and fashionable society tells us to be, she describes her evolution to self-acceptance as a journey. Working through depression, anxiety and identity issues, a bolder, more resolute and authentic Freddie emerged. And she’s here to stay.

This year was an important one for Freddie. She found her voice. Working on manifesting an ability to fully own and project her opinions, she has spoken out on important issues around race, feminism and lack of diversity within the fashion and beauty industry.

To find out more, and discover her must-have looks for autumn, we spent the morning in West London, getting to know the woman behind the smile.

“I love wearing suits, they make me feel strong. Like I have super powers! There are so many options with suits, it allows me to really play with my style. A well-tailored suit really is such a beautiful thing”

“We are all the sum of many personalities wrapped into one – each needs to be discovered, explored and channelled. The important thing is to not be afraid of them, embrace it and own it. It’s what makes you, you”

Womens forever trousers - Karen Millen

“My confidence grew when I realised there’s only one of me, so comparison is pointless. We are all individuals, that’s pretty cool to think there is one of you, it’s incredibly empowering”

“My words of wisdom for other women? Everything happens for you. Every experience has its place and purpose”