We’re dedicated to creating more sustainable options for our customers. So, in our mission to take steps to become more sustainable, we’re proud to present a new partnership with Thrift +.

Thrift+ helps you clear out your wardrobe the easy way. Their service provides a hassle-free way to recirculate your garments. Extending the life of a piece of clothing by just 9 months can reduce carbon, water and waste footprints by 30%*.

Simply order a 50p Thrift+ Bag at the checkout and fill it with unwanted products. Each time something is re-homed, you'll get the chance to earn credits that can be redeemed as vouchers, spent on pre-loved clothes, or donated to the charity of your choice.

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What can you donate?

Thrift+ accepts pre-loved women and men’s clothing, shoes and accessories from high street, premium and luxury brands. Use their Brand Checker to see if your items will be accepted. Once received, Thrift + will assess for quality and anything they’re unable to sell will be donated to charity shops or responsibly recycled. Please ensure your items meet the following criteria for selling eligibility:

  1. Add a 50p Thrift+ Bag to your basket the next time you order from us.
  2. When the bag arrives, scan the QR code to register
  3. Fill it up with the clothing you no longer want.
  1. Add a 50p Thrift+ Bag to your next order.
  2. When the bag arrives, scan the QR code to register and select how you want to spend your credits.
  3. Fill the bag with your pre-loved items, using the Brand Checker to see what will be accepted.
  4. Send the QR code again, and choose a free return service to send the bag back.
  5. Every time an item is re-homed by Thrift+, get the chance to earn credits.

*Statistic from Textile Recycling Association, 2021