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KM Power Women | Melanie Schilling

On a mission to inspire confidence in her clients, dating and relationship expert and TV personality Melanie Schilling is the latest KM Power Woman. With a passion for educating and uplifting others, Melanie works with people of all stages of life to help them become the best version of themselves. In this latest chapter, Melanie shares her expertise on how to build confidence and a healthy relationship.

“I know that what you wear affects your confidence.”


What has been your career highlight?

“For me, being on 'Married at First Sight' is quite literally my dream job. I have a background in theatre and performance as well as psychology, so I was always searching for the perfect mix of performance and psychology, and I found it.”

Melanie Schilling wearing brown Karen Millen knitted dress
Wool Blend Cosy Bardot Knit Midi Dress

What are your favourite Karen Millen pieces?

“I really believe in leaning into your strengths and highlighting those as a way of building confidence. So for me, dressing in Karen Millen is the perfect way to highlight what I believe are my strengths. I love the way the Karen Millen pieces really emphasise my waist, because that's a part of myself that I love to show off. I also do enjoy a shoulder, so a revealing little piece like this one makes me feel really comfortable because I love my shoulders and I want to show them off.”


What advice would you give those that are struggling with their confidence?

“The advice I generally give people who are struggling with confidence is to focus in on the stories you're telling yourself. Are you telling yourself that you can't do it or you're not good enough? Because this is going to lead to failure. If you tell yourself that you deserve it, that you are good enough, it's going to become a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

Melanie Schilling wearing brown Karen Millen knit dress

Can you reveal what's still to come on this season of MAFS UK?

“Well, at three quarters of the way through 'Married at First Sight UK', you might think you've seen all the drama. Well, don't get too comfortable because there is so much more to come. We've got some surprising break ups, we've got some new romance. Things even get physical, and not in the way you'd expect.”