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Lydia Millen Q&A | Spring '23 An Elegant Evolution

Lydia Millen wearing white soft tailored dress

A celebration of the new season, the By Lydia Spring '23 collection showcases style escapism through a luxe collection of designs that accompany the spring season.

Walking work of arts, voluminous longline trousers and skirts make an instant impact. Romantic pastel hues, lace details and delicate prints bring character to the mood - one that evokes optimism. Signature By Lydia x KM pieces take new shapes, modern leather designs and tailoring have a more relaxed form, reminiscent of the lazy warmer days ahead. Made to be enjoyed across a multitude of backdrops, from the beautiful British countryside to the inspiring Parisian cityscape, An Elegant Evolution welcomes the new, brighter season with an exquisite flourish.

Learn more through an exclusive interview with Lydia Millen.

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Lydia Millen in brown crinkle dress
Lydia Millen Crinkle Satin Chiffon Woven Maxi Dress

How would you describe the mood of this latest collection?

The name of the collection perfectly encapsulates the vision. I’m so passionate about the idea of evolving ‘style’ back to what makes you feel and look your very best. With that in mind, I’d say that this collection feels elegant, considered, classic and charming.

What is your favourite thing about spring?

The lushness of it! There’s so much to be hopeful about in spring. It feels like colour returns everywhere you look - both physically and metaphorically. I love the fact that the weather keeps us on our toes too - every day is different so it forces us to get creative! It’s currently January and I am so excited for what’s to come, there’s nothing quite like seeing the first daffodils and crocus bloom.

What was the intention behind these designs?

My intention behind every collection is to create pieces that make us feel amazing, that aren’t driven by trends but instead by nature. Classic florals, natural colours and flattering cuts. The intention is always so that they can be worn again and again.

Lydia Millen wearing Karen Millen mini dress
Lydia Millen Silk Cotton Vintage Floral Mini Dress

Which pieces from your new collection can you not live without?

The Silk Cotton Vintage Floral Maxi Dress is a thing of true beauty. The Taffeta Ruffle Woven Maxi Dress is also so much fun to wear. The tan Leather Slim Leg Trousers are so beautiful, this pair is the perfect alternative to wearing denim or reverting back to black.

What advice would you give those who are trying to refresh their wardrobe for the new year?

Stay authentic to yourself and try to stay away from shifting trends.

Lydia Millen wearing taffeta maxi dress
Lydia Millen Taffeta Ruffle Woven Maxi Dress

Where are you excited to wear this new collection?

My husband and I are off to Tuscany in spring so it feels only right that this collection comes with me. The chestnut Crinkle Satin Chiffon co-ord will be perfect for evenings spent wandering around Tuscany’s wine bars, and the Vintage Floral Dress, paired with sandals, is the ultimate spring/holiday staple.

How has your style evolved over the past year?

With every year that goes by, I care less and less about what people think and gravitate more and more to outfits that make me feel amazing. It just so happens that these pieces make me feel exactly that!

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