6 January 2018

Part 4

Gemma Godfrey: Realise Your Ambition

A groundbreaking Woman Who Can, Gemma Godfrey is proof that in business, as in life, anything is possible.

Gemma Godfrey is a quantum physicist, mother of two, business advisor to Arnold Schwarzenegger and a pioneering FinTech entrepreneur. Founder of moo.la, she talks to us about realising her ambitions, and gives us her top tips for money savviness.

Small changes can make a big difference

You’d be surprised how much money you spend without realising. Check your bank statement, cancel any unused subscriptions and cut back on cheeky bad spending habits.

Waste not want not

We often buy food we don’t end up eating – spending money on food that goes straight from the fridge to the bin.

Cutting back on this is an easy win, and here’s a trick to show you how…

The Receipt Trick

Put the receipt from your weekly food shop on your fridge. Every time you throw something away, cross it off the list. At the end of the week, you’ll have a list of just the items you need. And don’t forget to check your cupboards and freezer before you head to the shops.

Beware of convenience

Local supermarkets can sometimes charge as much as double the larger stores, just for convenience. Be savvy. Plan ahead and do fewer, larger shops to benefit from better prices, as well as bulk discounts.

Beat your savings targets for the price of a sandwich

Saving for that dream holiday, or a house of your own, is less daunting and more manageable when you break it down into small, regular savings. One easy way is to make your lunch and snacks at home the night before work rather than buying overpriced store-bought versions.

Save before spending

After covering the essentials, set aside a small amount at the beginning of the month. Whatever you have leftover you can spend more freely on treats, knowing you’re building your savings and making progress towards your bigger life goals.

Time is money

The sooner you start saving and putting your money to work, the better. That’s because the earlier years add disproportionately to the amount of money you’ll have at the end. You’re giving your money longer to grow, so your gains are multiplied and magnified.

Knowledge is power

If you’re not quite ready to take action, it’s never too early to start to learn more about your options and get better informed.

From money saving tips to money making tips, and from articles to short fun video clips, the internet now offers a wealth of information.

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