Our watches are all one size, check the individual product information for details on dimensions before you order to make sure you're happy with your item.

  1. Batteries
    The battery should be replaced every 18 months and should only be carried out by an approved stockist or specialist repairer.

  2. Handling
    Your watch will not withstand extreme shocks or vibration. It is sensible to remove your watch before commencing rough work or situations where the watch could be damaged.

  3. Bracelet Watches
    Take care to avoid bending the bracelet beyond the normal curvature of the wrist. It is recommended the watch be kept in the presentation box when not in use. Avoid placing the watch under heavy objects or loose in a handbag.

  4. Water Resistance
    If your watch is not marked with the words 'water resistant' or a degree of water resistance e.g. 3ATM, then it is not water resistant. Care should be taken to avoid getting the watch wet. This usually applies to the watches designed for dress or cocktail type wear.


The watch is designed to withstand accidental splashing or rain but not suitable for swimming.


The watch is designed to withstand leisure type swimming i.e. swimming baths, yachting and taking a shower. It is not designed to withstand sports such as scuba diving etc.

10 ATM

The watch is designed to withstand swimming, yachting, taking a shower, shallow diving e.g. swimming baths and bathing but not scuba diving.

  • Do not operate buttons or the crown while the watch is in contact with water.

  • Remember diving into a swimming pool can very briefly and significantly increase pressure on your watch. It may be that the action of diving into the pool increases the pressure to your watch to beyond the limits it has been designed to withstand.

  • Wide variance of temperature can affect, temporarily, the time keeping accuracy of your watch. Pressure in ATM's is a test pressure and should not be considered as actual diving depth as movement in the water tends to increase the pressure bearing at a given depth.

We also offer a comprehensive repair service - prices are 25% of the retail price plus an additional postal charge of £2.50 for repairs within the UK, or £5.00 for countries outside the UK. Please contact our customer services team here for details regarding repairs.