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Find out more about us, our collections & the presence Karen Millen has throughout the UK, Europe, US, Asia and Australia.

Born and bred in England, Karen Millen is known globally for creating beautifully crafted fashion for confident women who know their own style.

Each piece of their collection has been individually designed, hand-crafted and perfected by the designers in their in-house atelier to deliver their signature quality and attention to detail. From couture-inspired techniques to luxurious heritage fabrics, every KM garment has a story to tell.

The range is a curated collection of perfectly cut trend-led and investment pieces offering an elevated, tailored approach to fashion. Truly international, Karen Millen has stores in over 65 countries across six continents including flagship stores in London’s Regent Street and New York’s Fifth Avenue.

We believe that those who work in our global supply chain should be provided with the rights and protection of international labour standards, as set out in our Code of Conduct. The Code covers a number of provisions, including no child labour, safe working conditions, a living wage, no excessive hours and protection of the environment. The Code forms part of our overall Ethical Trading strategy which also includes monitoring and auditing of the supply base.

Our approach to Ethical Trading is to work in partnership with our suppliers based on transparency, co-operation and continuous improvement. We recognise that suppliers may sometimes face complex challenges in upholding our code standards. Where this is the case, we assist them in making ongoing improvements and regularly follow up with them to ensure satisfactory progress is achieved. We firmly believe that this is in the best interests of the workforce, as it is important that their livelihoods are protected.

We continue to work with the Aurora Ethical Trading team located in London and China who work closely with our team and our suppliers to progress our strategy and ensure this remains effective.

Our corporate responsibility strategy is developing and continuously being reviewed as our business grows. Our strategy represents on going work to integrate ethical trade, environmental sustainability and community enhancement into everything that we do.

We have created a Karen Millen code of conduct which is built on the foundation principles of the Ethical Trade Initiative’s base code.

Please see our full statement here

We aim to promote the safe and humane treatment of animals used in the production of our products by requiring all of our suppliers adhere to our Animal Testing and Animal Welfare Policy which provides that:

  • Leather should be sourced in a sustained responsible manner.
  • Leathers & skins must only be obtained as a by-product and not for the sole purpose of the slaughter of an animal
  • No products in full or part are to be sourced from endangered species from the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) or IUCN
  • No real fur or pelts are to be used in any Karen Millen products
  • Animals should not be harmed either during farming methods or by the collection of their wool, & hair
  • Angora rabbit hair should not be used for any Karen Millen products
  • Merino wool cannot be used or purchased from sources that still practices mulesing. Suppliers will be asked to provide the wool source to ensure they meet our requirements and ensure safe and good sheep husbandry methods
  • Karen Millen does not accept any Leather/skin products obtained from live skinning or live boiling of animals
  • Karen Millen will only use shell products originating from non-endangered species
  • Karen Millen will not include ingredients, formulations or products from suppliers that have been party to animal testing for cosmetic purposes
  • Karen Millen suppliers are required to give full assurance and commitment that the Animal Testing and Animal Welfare Policy is strictly adhered to.

We are committed to working transparently, ethically and sustainably to support the people within our supply chain who make the products that our customers love and the environment and resources that surround them.

We recognise our potential to impact social and economic development in the territories that we work in. We have taken the opportunity to visit many of our suppliers and educate ourselves about the specific challenges that their environments present so that we can adapt our internal strategies and in turn support them to become better businesses offering more secure, sustainable jobs.

We are focussed on developing collaborative relationships with our suppliers and also with charitable organisations and initiatives that support and enhance our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

Responsible business practices and social awareness are virtues which we strive to honour in all of our operations and a central part of this is our continued efforts to ensure responsible supply chains.

We have a number of policies aimed at ensuring we conduct our business in an ethical and transparent manner. We update these regularly to ensure they remain relevant and we have done so recently to ensure they specifically refer to our intolerance of forced labour and our requirement for suppliers to implement appropriate controls to prevent modern slavery and notify Karen Millen immediately if they become aware of any modern slavery within their supply chains.

Please see our full statement here

Glamorous, distinctive clothing and accessories for the confident, uncompromising woman of today. We are known worldwide for our perfectly cut pieces, from on trend leather jackets to investment coats and occasion wear. With online & store presence across the UK, America, Europe, Asia & Australia, we're truly a global brand. We're now looking for true fashionistas to join our affiliate network, so whether you're an up and coming fashion blogger or have your own site dedicated to style, we'd love to have you as a member of our network!

The benefits of our network:

  • Free to join network, with access to our latest content updates & image archive
  • commission on sales, excluding delivery & returned products
  • 30 day cookie window, allowing you to receive commission for sales made within this time from your site
  • Real time tracking & reporting options

What do I need to do as an affiliate?

  • Simply place our beautifully presented ads on your site or blog
  • Access our brand page for updates about our latest trends, best selling products & fashion edits

How do I become a Karen Millen affiliate?

  • For any other queries please contact affiliates@karenmillen.co.uk
  • Once you've been approved, you can choose from a variety of our creative banners and text links we've provided within the network
  • Post our creative banners on your site that will best attract your customers to click through and purchase
  • You'll then receive 5% commission on customer purchases, excluding delivery & returned products

For Press information please contact:

United Kingdom

Head of Global PR

Francesca Johnson
69-77 Paul Street

E: f.johnson@karenmillen.co.uk

PR Coordinator

Hatty Bell
69-77 Paul Street

E: h.bell@karenmillen.co.uk

United States

PR & Marketing Coordinator

Ryan Rodriguez
Karen Millen
587 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10017

T: +1(212)202-3180 ext 5476

E: r.rodriguez@karenmillen.co.uk


Publicity & Marketing Manager

Silvia Tasinato
19 Newton Street
Richmond, VIC
Australia 3121

T: +613 9421 2688 EXT 203

E: silvia@karenmillen.com.au

About Us

Find out more about us, our collections & the presence Karen Millen has throughout the UK, Europe, US, Asia and Australia.